Paris, Here we go!

Paris day 1.
So the day begins with the usual 6am wake-up. I go through my checklist:
– passport ✔️
– euro plug ✔️
– travel sim ✔️
– travel card✔️
– clothes ect ✔️
Now shove everything in my Kate Hill bag and lock it up!before Eurostar selfie

I get to Ebbsfleet station and wait for my Eurostar train to arrive, I was so nervous about everything that the whole journey I was nauseous and trying to sit still! 2 and a half hours later after being “retard” 20 minutes that mean delayed in French, I was safely in Paris with my darling Riette waiting for me at the Gardu Nord station!

We head back to our apartment that is 1km from the station at Montmartre which is the place all the artist go, hidden on top of thousands of stairs! Just as I make a comment about how the cable car is a waste of money Riette informs me that we live near the very top. At this point the cable car was looking very good!

The apartment is so quaint and beautiful that I just can’t believe that it’s ours for the whole weekend!!
Our lunch is cheese, butter, prosciutto and a bagget! After we started to plan our day and since it’s about 3pm you’d think we would have nothing to do cause the day is over? Well, your wrong!

Off to the Moulin Rouges we went, which was 9 mins from our place, secretly we were a little disappointed at the state of the place, we expected more. We ducked into the Metro and took any train that was heading in a landmark direction and luckily the Arc de triumph was only a few stops away!


So now we have seen it in a picture, and two years ago I saw it In passing but trying to figure out how to actually get on the “roundabout” it was sitting on was a huge challenge. But like all good tourist, we circled our prey looking for the right moment to strike! But sadly that moment never came so we did what we had to do and ask a French person! The answer go back to where we started and the go one more crossing along, there you will find the tunnel that leads to the Arc!

So we went under the tunnel and made it through! We just could not believe where we were and it was amazing! When we were done looking around and ohhing and ahhhing at everything we just sat on one of the “feet I guess” and watch the cars go by! It was unreal!

Back through the tunnels, we went and as we popped our heads out we see the Eiffel Tower! Now that was meant for tomorrow’s adventure but as soon as she saw it, like every woman she had to have it! So off we went in the direction we thought it was but then turned out to be wrong so we just enjoyed getting lost and finding it gradually! As we were walking we saw this beautiful French man like GQ gorgeous! We were ready to stare as long as possible at his very attractive face when he suddenly answered his FaceTime and the sounds coming out of his mouth with that of a high pitch squabble and a weird combination of sounds that have never been heard by the human ear before really took us by surprise! To our natural reaction was…. To wait till he is out of sight and then to burst out laughing and start impersonating him!!

A little further we waddle and in our sights, we see the grass and path we need to follow to see the life-size tower of the statue we both have in our rooms. But before we actually go up to it, a stall catches our eye and for a moment makes us forget all about the Eiffel Tower, an ice cream stall!


One strawberry swirl and chocolate swirl later we are back on the right track and start moving towards it. Now at this point a quite quarrel between Riette and I broke out because she thinks that the tower was a gift from another country just for giggles and I though it was built for the Olympics many many years ago. But according to the sightseeing book it was built for a fare of some sort. Which we both took as a huge loss! But we dealt with it and just sat on the grass area for over an hour just in ahh of the tower we have been dreaming of for years!

effile tower

We finally talked ourselves Into getting up and move on.

It was getting late so be went to the metro and headed home!

After freshening up we were starving and headed up! We walked into the first cafe/pub style that was just up the road from our apartment. It was very charming and the food was amazing, we had the nicest waitress that spoke only a wittle engwish (Asian/French accent). We went with what we know, and that is very little so chef special for us and the wine I picked cause well Riette would have drank just water if I wasn’t so determined haha.

After a wonderful meal, we were ready for the bill when the rudest American Tweens walked in and butchered the English and French language all in one! Not that we were great in French but at least we were polite.

I left the dinner with Riette having to talk me down from fighting them but I tipped the waitress and apologised for their part.

After calling Nericha and showing her the view from our room, we called it a night because we had a lot to do tomorrow.

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