Our plans are finalized, our trip to Europe is booked and the clock is ticking.

We will leave Australia from Brisbane Airport, fly to Rome via Singapore, visit Cologne, Munich and Venice before departing on a 7 day cruise to the Greek Isles. After the cruise it will be Milan and Paris. Paris is the only destination in France that we will be visiting due to time constraints. We plan on traveling between Paris & London on the Eurostar before embarking on the last stint of our journey which would be Lisbon & Oporto in Portugal and Madrid & Barcelona in Spain.
I can hardly wait…

Europe 2012 Map

Rome, where does one start or even better, where do you stop. It is an amassing city, with such a vast amount of historical riches, whether you love it or hate it, Rome is a must when you plan a European holiday. Everyone would probably have a special experience when visiting one of the sites or at least favour one, if it’s not the Colosseum it’s probably the Vatican or the Trevi Fountain. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you enjoy yourself.
One tip for young players, never trust the people selling guided tours, their prices are heavily inflated and if you accept the first “Bargain offer”, you might pay double the price than other people on the same tour.

Wow, the best holiday of my life..










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