Lifou, was the second island we visited during our Carnival Cruise to the Pacific Islands.

I found the following YouTube Video about Lifou where the photographer filmed some of the the extraordinary things we experienced but did not film.

P1260110 P1260108 P1260099 P1260098 P1260095 P1260094 P1260092 P1260087 P1260086 P1260085



P1260081 P1260077 P1260076 P1260073 P1260068 P1260067 P1260063 P1260055P1260048
P1260047 P1260045 P1260044 P1260037 P1260036 P1260035 P1260033 P1260026

Hierdie is nou ‘n man wat nie omgekoop kan word nie, hy mag net ‘n sekere hoeveelheid mense toelaat om daar te duik, op een slag, en hy bly by sy storie…
Trots op hom, al het ons uitgemis om daar te kon duik.

P1260025 P1260023 P1260020 P1260019 P1260018 P1260017 P1260016 P1260014


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