A beautiful Italian city where the english speaking locals are rare and tourist information offices closed but that did not stop the girls from having a great shopping experience. This was the city where we saw our first vehicle accident.  

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Venice; ancient city on water, hundreds of short cobble stone streets, expensive, smelly, loud locals, but beautiful! When we arrived at Venice we carried our suitcases and hand luggage to our hotel which was about 500m away from the train station. But the iPad directed us in the wrong way […]

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Octoberfest, 2012, in Munich. On the train between Cologne and Munich we realized that the trains are more full and people much more friendly, especially some Aussies. Spirits were high and festive, by the end of the trip there were quite a few very friendly and loud people getting of […]

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Cologne Cathedral Cologne, where 4711 Cologne originates from, was a lovely city, not only because we stayed in the Hyatt hotel but also because of the friendly people. It was a clean and friendly city, with beautiful cathedrals and a mixture of old and new architecture. Wilmien had her first […]

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After 20+ hours of flights, we finally found ourselves in Rome, exhausted. Our tour guide, Yvonne, had very little sympathy and we were on the run…. Rome, apparently wait for no one. The Colosseum was first on the list.  

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